The Awful Truth About Billy Graham

After reading a email posted to a large email discussion group that demonstrated how The Cutting Edge's website had cast many doubts that Billy Graham is a 33rd Degree Freemason, I decided to take action against this great deception and upload a whole 2 hour audiocassette series on Billy Graham's deception. The Cutting Edge played a big role, first to expose Graham as a Freemason and then to retract their statement based on a high double standard. I have now uploaded the first two parts of the tapes and will upload the rest very soon. As you have noticed these last 3 days I have done more work on my pages then in the last near 2 years. Expect a flood of new articles and much more audio files exposing these men.


The Awful Truth About Billy Graham Tape 1 Side A no longer valid

The Awful Truth About Billy Graham Tape 1 Side B no longer valid


Billy Graham is definitely a 33rd Degree Freemason or higher. I have been researching this for several years and have compiled the biggest collection of evidence on this subject in the world. This was made possible by gathering all previous research on Graham and looking for new clues to expose his Masonic membership. I am totally at a loss to understand that The Cutting Edge believe what the BGEA says especially when I have clearly documented that Freemasons have worked for the BGEA and also I have evidence of the BGEA deceptions and lies it has told to Christian ministers.

These ministries have double standard when it comes to Billy Graham. Why doesn't The Cutting Edge email Bill Clinton & Hillary and ask if they love Satan and worship him as they rightfully claim. Don't you think Bill Clinton will deny this? The Cutting Edge would apply double standard and reject this answer, but Billy Graham they won't. Billy Graham has NEVER personally denied he is a Freemason. He will NOT say yes or no! Why? Tell The Cutting Edge to email the Jehovah's Witnesses and ask if their founder followed Satan's bible and was a very high ranking Freemason who ripped off Mormon pyramid prophecies and they will deny it. Will The Cutting Edge retract their statements? No! This double standard rubbish is a SELL OUT and betrayal of the truth. Don't The Cutting Edge know that Billy Graham has known Clinton for around 18-20 years and also the pope. These guys are both involved in Freemasonry and are very, very powerful figures with over 1 billion people under them.

Graham is great, great friends with them and has been for very long. When I questioned The Cutting Edge's about face, head in the sand deception I was told by them (I have the letter produced on my web page) that they would investigate my evidence and get back to me with a reevaluation. I never heard back from them. When The Cutting Edge first exposed Graham as a Freemason they went on the weakest of evidence and that was that Billy Graham was listed on several websites as a Freemason. This is very shallow in comparison to all the evidence I have collated and am still piecing together. I am not even half done and I have plenty of proof including a Christian eyewitness among many other things.

I have documented that Billy Graham does not believe the whole bible and that Jesus lied. Now before any of you people write to me with abuse and so on please read my evidence and if you can disprove it or refute it then go ahead but you cannot change the facts and you cannot refute the truth as you will find out. I will openly debate this issue with anyone out there who thinks they have a chance in proving the facts wrong. I will gladly go to court if Graham wants to sue for defamation. He will lose the case unless he gives a Masonic judge a few codes in court as Freemasons often do to escape the law.

I can prove that the BGEA won't touch me. About 2 years ago, Steve at Balaams Ass website was threatened with a legal suit from the BGEA if he did not remove the Billy Graham Freemason page. Even the Masonic web pages that listed Graham were threatened and had to be removed. But here I was, the main perpetrator being left alone, even though I had the most damaging evidence and allegations. Why did they target other pages but not the most harmful to his secret lifestyle? This does not make much sense. Maybe they know I would gladly welcome a legal suit that will give me the chance to prove once and for all in a court of law that Billy Graham is a 33rd Degree Freemason. I would call up eyewitnesses and bring so much photographic evidence and documentation. They will never bother because they can't disprove the facts either and it would cause a lot of publicity. So much for the bible when it says not to take another Christian to court. This is one classic example of the BGEA being unscriptural.

There is no way I will ever remove my page. If it gets forced off I will find a new site in a few hours and triple the work load to expose this great deception. I will not compromise like The Cutting Edge and I will not back down to the man who is working to unite religions for the Beast and send the poor Catholics and Jews to hell. So the BGEA says that Freemasonry is incompatible with Christianity! They forgot to tell Billy this fact as he was very, very close friends with 33rd Degree Freemasons Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller and Oral Roberts! He was responsible for bringing Oral Roberts to the limelight and also having Peale give the benediction at his NY Crusade and sending around 400 converts to Peales church. Billy Graham sending hundreds of new Christians to a church run by a hardcore 33rd Degree Freemason who is 6th Degree Illuminati (Pilgrim Society) who is friends with the Satanic Masonic Mormon church and who in the closet worshipped Lucifer. Don't tell me Billy did not know he was a mason. Read the Peale article called "Why I Am Proud To Be A Freemason" Norman was so deluded that he told the world on the Donahue show that "it is not necessary to be born again" And Billy sends poor new converts to this wolf in wolves clothing. Why didn't I say sheep's clothing? Because Peale never hid his Freemasonry like Billy. He was proud and always wore Masonic rings. What does Mason Billy think of Mason Peale: Peale's false teachings apparently mattered little to Billy Graham. Bible for Today quoted Graham as saying in a speech at a National Council of Churches luncheon on 12/6/66, "I don't know anyone who has done more for the kingdom of God than Norman and Ruth Peale, or have meant any more in my life -- the encouragement they have given me" (Hayes Minnick, BFT Report #565, p. 28).

He also endorsed Occultists. So does Billy Graham. He praises a snake/dragon/satan adoring witch and I have the proof which is undeniable. He not only endorsed this satanic queen but would send cash to her. Yes I can prove this easily. I have heaps more work to do on my web page but this has really stirred me up so now I will work on it like I never have before. I am also going to email The Cutting Edge and will publish their comments. By the way I have uploaded the second half of the Christianity In Crisis audio and have uploaded one of the greatest books exposing the Illuminati called "
Bloodlines Of The Illuminati". Please download this book and run it then press search and type Billy Graham and read what Fritz has to say about him. I am working right now on a new Billy Graham page that will 100% prove that a powerful Illuminati Jewish Masonic Lodge that hates Christians preaching to Jewish people award Billy Graham! Does this make sense? It does if you find out why Billy Graham has never had a Jewish crusade and that he has sent new Jewish converts back to synagogues. There is more I can go on with here but I will leave it for my article that shows big Christian ministers that I call Jew Killers because they do not want the Jew to receive Christ. Anyway thanks to reading this email, it has convinced me that I will now convert a 2 hour audio tape expose on Billy Graham into a real-audio file and will be uploading it in 30 minute parts over the next few days.

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 I had several links to this article that didn't work after this site moved or closed. I received many request for this article and I have finally found it among the hundreds saved on floppies. Here it is folks enjoy.




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